GARUDA EXPRESS 11:00 – 21:00


We are ready, let’s go! 💪 You can enjoy our food outside or at home, we are looking forward to you  with the new offer! ☺️

You can order our lunch menu too!   

Your Garuda team ❤️

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Garuda has many possibilities. Have you ever tried all of them?

This is our chill out zone. It isn't assign for consumption of food.

Come and relax with us, enjoy a cup of a good Indonesian coffee or tea.
You can go there immediately after lunch or dinner, our staff will take care of you all the time.

We're looking forward to you!


For coffee lovers!

Especially in Garuda you can try a certified civet coffee from wild civets.
You will find it in our drink menu for an unrivalled price - CZK 125!

Don't hesitate. Come and enjoy your cup to our comfortable ambience.

We're looking forward to you!

Discover the real tastes and flavours of Indonesia!

Come and relax in the pleasant atmosphere of Garuda Restaurant & Café in Prague's Holešovice. Taste the unique specialities of Asian cuisine. Don´t forget to try our tea blends or fresh fruit juices in our café. Our baristas will prepare excellent Indonesian coffee just for you. The chill-out relaxation zone will surprise you with its informal atmosphere. Somewhere you can truly relax. Our quiet lounge will provide a peaceful space for study, your business or corporate meetings. We look forward to seeing you!